Main Service Page Content Layout Example

*The intent for this page is to provide a thorough introduction to the Main service category that is offered with an overview of the individual services included. So if this was a roofing company with a list of 10 roofing services then this content would discuss an overview of roofing and then continue into descriptions/summaries of each individual services. This page should differ slightly from the home page content.

Do you have a {Niche Service} problem?

You would write a message here with about 250 words +/-. probing into the Niche Service problems the reader might have so anyone looking for a solution to something like a leaky roof and you’re asking if they have a leaky roof, then they will mentally say “yes” and read on. Mention the possible consequences for not taking action to get the problems resolved.

I would like to break up the content into multiple paragraphs with headlines.

Like this is a new broken up paragraph.

There is Hope for a {Niche Service Problem}

(Service Category Descriptions. Include around 5 target keywords per description):

Explain an overview of the roofing services offered and then break each individual service down into a list with a description for each service.

(Example) We provide a full range of {Niche Services} to properly serve our community. Our services include:

  • Niche Service 1: Description text
  • Niche Service 2: Description text
  • Niche Service 3: Description text
  • Niche Service 4: Description text


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